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In accordance with NHS England Guidance the last 6 months of declaration of interest records, for specific interest types, are required to be displayed publicly.


Financial Year
Staff TypeStaff CountHas DeclarationsNo DeclarationsDeclarations
Non Contracted3025560
Decision Makers1512515997807
Non Decision Makers1715236


Total Records: 238
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18/06/2019 - Tracey Dougan
Ward Matron B7(SCR)
Donations - £50.00
31/03/2019 - Penelope Marr
BMS B7 Histology (SCR)
End of Year Nil Declaration
31/03/2019 - Carole Crathern
Service Manager B8a (S1)
End of Year Nil Declaration
09/05/2019 - Carole Crathern
Service Manager B8a (S1)
Sponsored Events - £1,188.00
01/04/2018 - Uthamalingam Shanker
Cons A&E DGH MC55 (SCR)
Shareholdings and other ownership interests
01/04/2018 - Uthamalingam Shanker
Cons A&E DGH MC55 (SCR)
Clinical Private Practice
11/04/2019 - David Clayton-Smith
Non-Executive Director
Nil Declaration
08/04/2019 - Maria Ravelo
Specialist Nurse B7 (SCR)
Sponsored Events - £600.00
09/04/2019 - Webber Nicola
Non-Executive Director
Nil Declaration
01/04/2018 - Jonathan Reid
Finance Director
Loyalty Interests
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You can filter the interest declaration records by a combination of interest type, job role, value, period, and keyword. The keyword field compares the string you enter to both the full name of the staff member associated with the declaration as well as the description. Note that when filtering by 'Total to date' all interests that are continuous by nature will be returned against every search.

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